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Restrict Categories

Welcome to MageParts Demo Website for the Restrict Categories extension.

This extension allows you to restrict specific categories (and optionally, their associated products) to specific customer groups and/or specific customer ids.

For example, the category furniture → bedroom has been restricted and only clients from the retail group can access it.

If you are logged out, you will be redirected to the login page with an error, and if you are logged in as a client who does not belong to the retail group you will be redirected to the normal 404 page (just as you would when attempting to access a category which doesn't exist). You can try this yourself using the resources listed just below.

Also, if you do not have access to a category it won't be listed in your category menus (Magento avoids loading the category completely if it's restricted, and thus it becomes completely inaccessible and safe unless you have been granted access to it).



The bedroom category (since it can't be reached through the top menu as it's restricted):


Pre-configured user accounts (username / password) / retail (customer account in the retail group) / wholesale (customer account in the wholesale group) / mycustomgroup (customer account in the custom my customer group group)


Access to the administration panel

Go to the administration panel

Username: demo

Password: password1


Testing instructions

If you try to access the bedroom category without logging in, you will be redirected to the login page with an error.

If you login as, password retail, you will be automatically redirected back to the category page you tried to access (furniture → bedroom).

If you log out, and again attempt to access the bedroom category, but this time log in using (password wholesale) you will instead be redirected to a 404 page, since we have configured the bedroom category to be accessible only from retail customer accounts.

While logged in as the wholesale client, take a look at the top menu. If you hover over the category furniture you will notice that the category bedroom isn't listed in it's drop-down (the same applies if you are logged out of course). If you login again as the retail client however this menu option will re-appear since you've then got access to the furniture → bedroom category.

We've also configured to restrict all of the products within the furniture → bedroom category.

To illustrate how this works, log out from whatever account you are currently signed in to, and try to search for the product name akio dresser (this is a product included in the bedroom category).

As you will see, there are no results. Now try to login as the retail client and run the same search. You will notice that now there is indeed a match for your search.

The restrictions for products work the same way as for categories, if a product is restricted Magento won't load it, and thus it cannot appear in search results and you cannot access the product page itself either (unless you are signed in on an account with granted access of course).


Using the credentials above you can login on the administration panel and access catalog → manage categories to configure the permissions yourself (select a category and then click on the restrictions tab to find the permission settings.) For more information please visit our user guide.


This sums up our demonstration, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at and thank you for your interest in our extension.